"Comeback Kid" - Sea Moss Infused Hydration Lemonade

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The "Comeback Kid" lemonades are delicious infused beverages, designed to provide all you need to get through the day.  With sea moss, it is packed with 92 minerals that your body needs daily and electrolytes to help boost hydration.  C.K. is infused with one or more of mother nature's healthy flowers or herbs.

Purple Haze Herb(s):

Butterfly Pea Flower - Helps support a healthy immune system;  It is rich in antioxidants and known to promote vitality.  It also helps to stimulate hair growth, improve memory, helps to improve eyesight, Promotes weight loss, helps stabilize blood sugar levels and contains anti-aging benefits as well.

Infinite Fruit Herb(s):

Lemongrass - Great for Inflammation and Pain
Rosehips - Helps the immune system, known to promote healthy skin
Hibiscus - Known to help with Hypertension and Weight Loss
Orange - Helps improve mood, improves oral health and promotes weight loss